ZZIIN Body & Health - SEO strategy and implementation by Chent Creative


ZZIIN Body & Health – SEO strategy and implementation

The ZZIIN concept focuses on creating a healthy working and living environment. ZZIIN makes it possible to combine sports with work. Athletes can take yoga classes, quickly get fit in the Milon Circle or try a revolutionary training method like EMS. After the training, a healthy snack or lunch can be enjoyed and the laptop can be opened to get some work done.

The ZZIIN locations all have a coworking space, lunch room, meeting rooms and sports facilities. Athletes and flex workers can work in places where they do not lose time working or working out: central stations throughout the Netherlands.

After opening two successful branches in The Hague and Den Bosch, ZZIIN Breda opened its doors. Just like the first two locations, this ZZIIN is also located in a Central Station. This makes the location accessible and accessible to a larger audience.

To boost the brand awareness and sales of ZZIIN Breda right after launch, Chent Creative was asked to think along. The most important services of ZZIIN were selected and after a thorough keyword search several pages were written. To give the pages instant effect, it was decided to use advertisements.

For each theme it was determined which channel was the most effective and why. Eventually the campaigns appeared on various social media channels and Google Ads.

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