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Willem Busnick Taal

Willem Busnick Taal – Dutch as a second language

Willem Busnick Taal is a language school located in The Hague. The language school mainly teaches Dutch as a second language. The main target group of the language school are Russians, because the lesson are available in Russian. This is unique, competitors offer classes in English only. Because many Russians prefer to learn in their own language than in English, there is a great demand for these lessons.

Willem Busnick Taal

The case

The language school previously acquired the majority of new customers through word-of-mouth advertising and through the use of social media. Willem Busnick Taal had the feeling that the website could be used in a better way. This is the reason for the collaboration with Chent Creative.

Chent Creative optimized the website according to the preferences of Google so that it is easier found in the search results of this search engine. This makes the exposure to future clients bigger. In addition, specific landing pages have been written to get more relevant traffic to the website.

Visit Willem Busnick Taal’s website for more information about the company and the services!

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