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Mondzorgpraktijk Valeriusstraat

In retrospect, Mondzorgpraktijk Valeriusstraat did not have the best opening date. On the day the stickers were placed on the windows, a national lockdown was announced. However, “Never waste a good crisis!”, The lockdown would provide time to complete the website 100% by the time dentist visits were allowed again.

The experiences that Mondzorgpraktijk Valeriusstraat had with the internet agency that designed the website were not very positive. To ensure that the website could still be delivered on time, the help of Chent Creative was called in. In addition, active efforts were made to generate new leads. Read how this happened below.

Multilingual website and social media marketing

Not only is the website finished to the client’s wishes. The website has also been made available in two languages: English and Dutch. Chent Creative has ensured that the bilingual options have been implemented correctly throughout the website.

In addition to web development technical improvements, a social media advertising campaign has also been set up. The various advertising options on Facebook and Instagram have been used to target the target group in great detail. For example, it was decided to reach the target group ‘recently moved’ in the vicinity of the dental practice. Due to this targeted targeting, the lead generation has not yet cost euro per lead.

Chent Creative’s Online Marketing

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