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Headline – Advertising agency from Amsterdam

Headline makes animations and more. The advertising agency always chooses the best team for the project or the job. After 30 years the Amsterdam based company has build an impressive network and is always able to make something beautiful and striking.

Headline wanted to increase the online findability of the company so that more leads would come in through the website. The first step that Chent Creative took to achieve this, was to optimize the website itself. This resulted into fixing broken links, adding meta-descriptions and alt texts of the images to increase the SEO score of the website.

Before it could be possible to achieve more traffic, any soon-to-be-written landing page had to inform and capture the leads better and more efficient. For this purpose, a cost calculator has been developed. This calculator informs leads easily about the possible costs of their animation, decreasing the effort for Headline.

After this, various landings pages were written and published, focused on B2B leads. In addition, Chent Creative wanted to automate and optimize the marketing process. To achieve this, Hubspot’s marketing tools were used to track and target the customer throughout the entire customer journey.

To increase the number of website visitors, leads and customers, a Google Ads campaign has also been set up.

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