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Search Engine Results Page – SERP

SERP is an abbreviation used by online marketeers. Completely written out this abbreviation means Search Engine Results Page.

This results page consists of several aspects. For example, when searching for a local company, Google will show you a map with options. For some questions, Google has a answer box that explains the answer. Furthermore, Google displays paid results, Google Ads, formerly Adwords.

After the paid results, the natural results come. These are the websites that according to the search engine match best with the keywords you used. Online marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that websites are indexed as high as possible in the SERP as possible.


Search Engine Optimization

The way in which Chent Creative uses search engine optimization to be divided into three parts.

An important part of SEO is the technical aspect. This is analyzed during the on-page optimization process. Factors that are analyzed and improved during this process are, for example, the speed at which the page loads, the cleaning of the code, the repair of broken links and more. Read more about on page optimization here.

SEO now consists for a large part of content. Content marketing is booming. Smart marketers write their content in such a way that it is picked up well by Google and the target group and arouses interest in the service or product of the company. On this page you can read more about content marketing by Chent Creative.

The last aspect discussed here has a huge influence on search engine optimization. Obtaining incoming links from other relevant websites ensures that the authority of a website improves. Google and other search engines see that other people/websites link to your website, causing you to rise in the SERP. Read more about link building as an SEO tool here.

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