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Link building

Link building is a part of optimizing websites for search engines like Google. This method is also referred to as SEO. Online marketers use SEO to improve the number of relevant visitors of websites.

A part of SEO is link building. This methodology improves the authority of websites, especially in the eyes of Google. You can read what link building is exactly in the text below.

What is link building?

If other, relevant websites refer to your site, Google will see that your website is relevant. This ensures that you automatically rank higher in the results of the search engine. This way you can win twice with an inbound link from another website: you get more visitors when people click on the link and Google indexes your website higher.

Please note, it is important that the incoming links come from relevant websites. If this is not the case, a link can have no effect or even counterproductive. Paying for links is also not recommended. You may quickly rise quickly in the search results in the short term. However, Google actively searches for this type of paid links. When the search engine comes across paid links, the participants are punished with a penalty, a lower indexation in the search results.

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