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Landing pages

What are landing pages?

Congratulations, you got a potential customer through a keyword to visit your website, what now? Having the right landing pages increases the chance to attract a potential customer. Landing pages are the pages that users end up on after they click on your link in search engines like Google. The pages are often completely dedicated to one specific keyword to make the page rank as high as possible in the search results of Google.

How does a landing page work?

It is important to have a high quality landing page. If your website does not have this, it will be harder for your customers to find you on Google. From the page title to the image- and meta descriptions, the whole website has to be designed for the keyword. Chent Creative analyzes several keywords and indicates for which keywords landing pages should be created. After this step, the pages are written and optimized according to our SEO guidelines.

What are landing pages

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