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Search Engine Optimization/Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the art of appearing higher in search engines such as Google. The main difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertisement is that SEO works with organic results, whereas SEA is driven by advertisements, hence, making it more expensive. Appearing higher in Google means that it will be easier for your customers to find you. Obviously, more customers visiting your website means achieving more sales.

How does SEO work

Google uses various criteria for the classification of search results. This is why your website should be adjusted to these criteria. Some criteria that Google uses are the quality of texts, the alt descriptions of illustrations, the use of certain search words and the use of social media. Altogether, Google evaluates the extent to which your website matches the needs of the customer’s search.

How does SEA work

As mentioned before, there is a big difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertisement. The great advantages of SEO (long-term effectivity, relatively cheap) can be seen as a disadvantage for SEA. The big advantage of SEA is that the campaigns offer immediate result, in contrast to the SEO campaigns that are mainly long-term. As soon as Chent Creative starts an SEA campaign for your company, you are at the top Google’s search results. Unlike SEO, the results are gone when you stop paying ads.

SEA is therefore primarily a solution in the short term, in order to attract customers as quickly and effectively as possible. An advantage of this is that you only pay Google if potential customers actually click on your ad. If they do not do this, then the campaign will not cost you anything at all. The amount of this click (Cost per Click / CPC) differs per keyword. The more popular the keyword is, the more expensive the CPC is of course.


What do we do

Firstly, Chent Creative will determine the goals of the SEO/SEA campaign together with you. This will be done by analyzing the existing statistics of the traffic to your website. This is necessary to understand your customers. Where are they from, how do they arrive on your website and how much time do they spend there are results of this analysis. Once this will be determined, the strategy can be developed. We will figure out which parts of your website exactly need improvement, and what the best way is to achieve this improvement.  This will allow the optimization of your website to Google’s preferences.

SEO is a constant process, meaning that you will not see results in one day. It will cost time and dedication to see results. However, organic results made from SEO are worth more than paid results through SEA. The moment you will stop with you SEA campaign your visitors will stop finding your website as well. Whereas with SEO the results will just keep growing over time.

SEO/SEA for your website

Curious to find out how SEO/SEA can optimize your website as well as increase the traffic to your website? Contact us to find out how SEO/SEA can improve your company’s position.

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