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Womagis, the Word Magician

Womagis is a Spanish company that has launched its first children’s book in May 2018. The book is called Womagis: The Wizard of Words. The book has a unique aspect; it is readable in 18 languages at the same time. No such book exists yet, that is why it was important for Womagis to be well informed before the launch of the book.


The case

Womagis contacted Chent Creative because there was a lack of information concerning the Spanish market of children’s eBooks. Firstly, Chent Creative analyzed the company and the product. When this was done the market for books in Spain could be analyzed as well.

Chent Creative investigated the market in multiple ways. We went to two Spanish elementary schools located in Madrid and asked the children about their opinion on the book. More than 250 children participated in the research. Information on the opinion of parents was necessary as well, given the fact that children are mostly not the ones buying books. About 25 (international) parents were invited to participate in interviews.


The combination of the information these researches provided was used to develop a strategical marketing plan for the launch of Womagis’ new eBook. The marketing plan is being implemented by Chent Creative at the moment. The launch of the eBook is planned on May 26th. Chent Creative is still contributing to the Instagram account of Womagis.

Now that the book has been published, the public has to be able to find it! This is why Chent Creative helps Womagis to improve the online findability of Womagis.com. Different landing pages have been written for the target group, after key word research was done. The written landing pages ensure that parents of third-culture kids from all over the world end up on the website.

Besides writing different landing pages to improve the findability of Womagis in search engines, we are also working on an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. This is again aimed at parents with children that grow up in an international environment.

Womagis is also still helping to write content for the website and the Instagram account of Womagis. Check the Instagram feed below for the newest posts of Womagis’ account.

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