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The website of Wijkberaad Mariahoeve was due for renewal. Visibility was not of paramount importance during the redesign and optimization process. It was more important for the district council to have a website where the user is central, where  interaction with the visitors is possible and which radiates the new identity of the district council. To realise this, Chent Creative was able to think along and put the plan into operation, together with Raphael Meijer.

In addition to the regular contact options that the site had, social media, telephone, email, an alternative method has been drawn up. For example, the board members of the district council can quickly come into contact with visitors to the website via a chat function on the website.

In addition to this chat function, more interactive elements can be found on the activities page, where visitors can register their own event, pages where reports for bulky waste can be made and a part of the site that is only available to members of the district council. A simple integration with the newsletter has also been set up, making it easy for visitors to sign up for the digital newsletter of Wijkberaad Mariahoeve.

The neighbourhood newspaper has also been digitised and can be found on the news page of the website. To help the editors of the magazine digitise further editions themselves, a WordPress course was given. In this way, the district council can continue to efficiently maintain the website.

In addition to these improvements, the website has been modernised by the new design and new content. Curious about the result? Then visit the website of Wijkberaad Mariahoeve right away.

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