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Tri-PT Studio

It is the next step in the career of Paul van Brink, opening his own triathlon and personal training studio. After years of experience as a triathlon coach, Paul can now support Voorschoten and its surroundings in a physical location. And what kind. Complete with endless pool, space for various personal trainers and at a top location. Only one thing was missing at this physical location: an online location.

Moving and updating website

The design of Paul’s previous website could be used as the basis for the new website. The existing theme is recognized by the visitors and is timeless. Chent was called in to arrange the transfer to the new domain and the update of the content.

During the move, communication with the Google Search Console was of great importance. After implementing the move in the Search Console and checking the website, it was time for the next step: to place Tri-PT Studio in Voorschoten and surroundings as a concept. In addition to the SEO texts written for the website, Chent was also allowed to set up and implement a marketing plan for the triathlon studio.

Curious about the new website? Take a look at for more information!

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