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Rischen & Nijhuis

Rischen & Nijhuis, lawyers is a medium-sized law firm with a business heart. It is therefore not for nothing that the office is located in the heart of Rotterdam: at the Boompjes. The lawyers working at Rischen & Nijhuis are all specialized in one or more areas of law. The Rotterdam law firm helps both individuals and business clients. Read more below about the optimization of the website of Rischen & Nijhuis by Chent Creative.

Applying structure

Structure was central to the optimization process at Rischen-Nijhuis.nl. Over the years, something was done about the online findability of the website, but not structurally. Chent has helped to do overdue maintenance as well as to take a new course. For example, in addition to optimizing the existing website, advice was also given for setting up a link building strategy. The RischenNijhuis.nl domain has also been purchased (without -) and linked to the existing website. This prevents competitors from purchasing this domain and more people are finding the website.

Find out more? Take a look at Rischen-Nijhuis.nl!

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