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Mparts is a technical trading company specializing in a diverse range of mechanical components. The webshop of this company offers more than 20,000 different products from suppliers all over the world. From Lisse, Mparts serves national and international customers.

Generate leads with LinkedIn

The LinkedIn account of Mparts did exist, but in its opinion it was not used effectively enough. Chent Creative works with internally at Mparts one day a week to, among other things, create content for LinkedIn. In addition, a strategy was written by Chent Creative at the start of the project. This is aimed at actively generating leads via LinkedIn.

Various online marketing activities

A webshop with more than 20,000 products (in two languages!) requires maintenance. Chent Creative provides the search engine optimization of this website by producing content, gathering external links and continuing to adjust the website. In addition to improving the online visibility of this website, Chent Creative is also responsible for the Google Ads campaigns that are running.

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