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MijnContract.nl – Contractmanagement simple, fast and safe

Made for and by entrepreneurs, MijnContract.nl. With the software for contract management, the company located in The Hague aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to save money on current contracts. Often an entrepreneur finds out too late that a contract hasn’t been cancelled. As a result, companies are stuck for a year to that expensive and unnecessary contract.

The MijnContract.nl software gives entrepreneurs a notification before a contract expires. Organizations that do not want to waste time searching for the cheapest alternative can receive free, independent and no-obligation purchasing advice from MijnContract.nl. The specialists know exactly with which contract an entrepreneur is a lot cheaper.

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The case

The company existed for several months when initiator and shareholder RenĂ© Bos decided that it was time to start using social media. The main aim of the use of social media was to increase the brand awareness. The tools of choice were Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook. The company decided that Search Engine Optimization was also necessary to reach the company’s goals.


The company is focused on the B2B market and the subject, contract management, is not very exciting. This meant that generating likeable content was a challenge. Chent Creative has written several blogs about contract management. These blogs are based on interviews with shareholders. The inspiration for the other content came from these blogs.

After writing and publishing the blogs on the website of MijnContract.nl they were distributed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Multiraedt.

Read the first blog written for MijnContract.nl (Only available in Dutch)


The landing pages that were written serve to generate relevant traffic to the website of MijnContract.nl. Several keywords such as contract management software and best contract management have been used to write these pages.


The final step of the campaign to increase brand awareness was for Chent Creative to take control of the Instagram account of MijnContract.nl. Every week several updates are posted about why MijnContract.nl is the best option for contract management.

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