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Metalworks specializes in making products from metal, mainly steel products. These are combined with timeless elements such as different types of wood and insulated glass. Jowan Kusters from Metalworks has many years of experience in the manufacture of steel doors, stairs, fronts, lamps, tables, stairs and everything in between. Jowan works according to the wishes of the customer, and thus provides tailor-made products that are very durable and of high quality and that also look very stylish.

The case

The Metalworks website was not used optimally. Jowan also noticed that not enough orders were generated with it and decided to use Chent Creative. The first step that was made was to optimize the technology of the website. The internal link structure was overhauled and the website was accelerated. After this it was time for a major change, a total move.

The previous domain name was After the purchase of, Chent Creative transferred the website and made sure that Google was aware of the move. In this way no SEO value is lost during the move. After this, the focus was placed on making the most important products easier to find. After extensive keyword research, Chent wrote six product pages.

The combination of these changes provides a better structure, better findability and a better user experience. The results of the updates are currently being analyzed. Curious about the results? Then immediately check!

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