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Local Touch Travel

Local Touch Travel organises small-scale, tailor-made holidays to Greece. Customers of this company do not like all-inclusive hotels, flights full of Dutch people and Broodje van Kootje. No, these vacationers prefer to travel through the eyes of a local. Not only are cheap airline tickets and beautiful accommodations offered, but you can also opt for a home dinner with a local in Athens, learning to cook Greek or helping with the olive harvest.

Inspiring visitors

In addition to the standard version of the website, the company wanted to reach the target group in a new and fresh way. It was decided to set up a separate subdomain for this purpose, completely aimed at inspiring visitors. For this reason, the website is now full of the most beautiful destinations in Greece.

Chent Creative is involved in the project to ensure that the website is found in a natural way. The following steps have been taken to attract visitors in an organic way:

Strategic SEO

In this way, Local Touch Travel’s future SEO work is part of a bigger picture, a predetermined course. Chent Creative is happy to help companies create a long-term vision in the field of SEO. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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