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JesseArchitecture’s architect and architect Jesse Voerman did have a website but everything was said with it. The website was tailor-made for Jesse but the content was still missing. Together with Linda van Deventer, interviews were conducted with the architect in order to be able to write the right content. In addition to the content, the internal link structure has also been redesigned and adjustments have been made to the technology behind the website, so that it is tailored as much as possible to Google’s preferences.

Projects and the website

The various projects that JesseArchitecture has completed over the years are also clearly displayed in the portfolio section of the website. Visitors can filter these projects by relevance and find more information about each project.

Curious about Jesse Voerman’s portfolio? Then visit JesseArchitecture for more information!

Other projects

Art and the City


Web Development

Groene Matties

Web Development




Web Development

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