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Hoogervorst Dakwerk

Martin Hoogervorst has been providing roofing in Leiden and the surrounding area for years. He has recently started doing this independently. Under the name Hoogervorst Dakwerk he restores, created and repairs almost everything that has to do with roofs. A new company needs a website. Chent Creative helped Hoogervorst Dakwerk create a website that is more than just a business card. The website is on the landing pages and is optimized to the preferences of Google, so as to be found by the target group.

An optimized website with the right content

For this project, it was decided to purchase a standard template and adjust it to the client’s wishes. In addition to adjusting the brand colors, logos and the like, the website is also adapted for the user, people who need a roofer in the Leiden area.

Extensive (research) has been done for the content. The most common questions and topics are covered in the more than 8000-word texts. There has been written about the different types of roofs and the right solutions for this.

Curious about the end result? Then click further to Hoogervorstdakwerk.nl!

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