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Cencalli, la Casa del Maiz

Cencalli, la Casa del Maíz

Cencalli is a Mexican restaurant which has recently opened its doors in the centre of The Hague. The dishes are authentic and fairtrade. The corn is directly imported from small-scale farmers in Southern Mexico. The ingredients used are produced with respect for people, animals and the environment and are processed on site to make salsas, tortillas, longaniza, aguas frescas and more.


The case

Cencalli did not have an SEO strategy nor did they have high-quality photographs of the dishes they serve. Chent Creative made the photos and used these to advertise the restaurant on social media. Besides reaching their target group through Instagram and Facebook Chent Creative also designed an effective SEO strategy and implemented it.


The first step was to define the keywords that were going to be used for the landing pages. After the keyword research the different landing pages were written. The various pages were targeting different segments of Cencalli’s target group.

Visit Cencalli

Visit the Cencalli’s website or enter the restaurant for some authentic tacos!

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