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Brasserie The Beachroom

A few months ago, Brasserie The Beachroom opened its doors. The restaurant is located on the boulevard of Scheveningen, underneath the iconic Kurhaus. In addition to an à la carte menu, the restaurant also has a tasting menu. Guests who choose this menu can try all the dishes on the menu for a fixed price.

To get the demographic familiar with the restaurant, Chent Creative took photos of all the dishes. These photos are used for, among other things, the social media channels of the restaurant. In addition to maintaining these channels, smart WiFi software has also been installed. This software can offer guests free Wi-Fi when they walk in through a push message on their cellphone. In addition, marketing campaigns can be set up via e-mail to allow customers to come back and bind to the restaurant.

Want to know more about the dishes at The Beachroom? Then take a look at the Instagram account of the restaurant.

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