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Borrel BV

Borrel BV – SEO consult

Freelancers like to do as much as possible themselves. The same goes for Borrel BV in Rotterdam. This self-employed person takes care of cocktail bites in and around Rotterdam. Take the Vrijmibo to a higher level with the bites from Borrel BV.

As a typical freelancer, Borrel BV also wanted to tackle SEO itself. In order to gain more insight into the current SEO requirements and for tailor-made advice, Chent helped with a personal SEO consultation. All SEO questions could be answered during this interview. As a follow-up, Chent wrote a tailor-made advice for the website of Borrel BV. This combined with the SEO manual ensures that Borrel BV can go a long way in the SEO field.

Take a look at Borrel BV’s website or Instagram for more information!

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