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Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer recently opened its doors. This company is mainly aimed at serving foreign customers who want to book a transfer to and from the airport. The market is overcrowded and therefore smart use had to be made of the available resources.

Higher in Google without ads

Fortunately, it is no longer permitted to recruit customers for taxis in the lobby of Schiphol. Even better is that Airport Transfer does not operate in this segment. The company
prefers to be found before the customer has left his home country. The SEO strategy is therefore built around this fact. In addition to the airport transfer alone, attention has also been paid to some tours that are offered.

Measurable result

Do you want to set up a campaign yourself to immediately increase the online findability of a project or company? The results of Chent Creative are always measurable and therefore you know exactly where you stand. Call directly or visit the contact page for more information.

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