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Marketing for restaurants

Marketing for restaurants

The digital age in which we live in made almost every business go online, of course, restaurants followed this trend. Generally speaking, all restaurants have a Facebook page and work on their marketing for restaurants. However, owning a restaurant comes with great responsibility and an even greater amount of daily tasks, this is why the digital marketing of most restaurants basically just ‘exists’, and is not used optimally.

Marketing for restaurants

Nevertheless, if your competition is applying there online marketing well, you are losing customers. Chent Creative helps you to improve your digital position while you focus on what you do best. Online marketing for your business is done cost-effectively and the results can be measured.

Marketing for your company

Chent Creative will determine your company´s identity by observing your company and its products and customers. Besides these factors, the direct competition will be mapped as well. This will provide us with the core of any marketing activity concerning your company.

Once we have determined this, we can start with the next steps. You decide what exactly you would like us to implement. Discover the opportunities that Chent Creative offers your company.

Social WiFi

Almost all restaurants and bars offer free WiFi to their customers. However, by offering free WiFi to your customers you have a great chance of obtaining unique information about your customers. For instance, if your customers connect their social media accounts when they access your network they will provide you with specific information about them.

Marketing for restaurants

Not only will you be able to understand your customers better, you can also invite them to like your Facebook page. This ensures more brand awareness and allows you to reach a broader audience through your Facebook posts.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of making sure that your clients are able to find your website easier on Google. For instance, if you have an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, SEO makes sure that you end up higher in the results when a customer searches for ‘Italian restaurant Amsterdam’. Ranking higher in Google means that your customers are able to find you easier, which means that you will obtain more customers. Simple as that.

Marketing for restaurants

First Chent Creative will analyze the existing traffic to your company’s website. This will give an insight into the behaviour of your website’s visitors. Additionally, we will optimize your company’s website, adjusting it to the preferences of Google. This includes adding alt descriptions, adding search words and implementing social media into your website. The combination of these factors will ensure more traffic to your website, resulting in more customers for your company.

Social Media Marketing

As stated before, almost all restaurants nowadays own a Facebook page. Yet, not always are these pages used correctly. Restaurant owners are usually occupied with tons of task and maintaining the social media of their business often ends below on the to-do list. This is a shame because social media, if used properly, can be of great value to a restaurant.

Social media helps to attract new customers, to improve the relationship with existing ones and to improve your brand awareness. An important part of Social Media Management is advertising, for example on Facebook. A small daily budget of just €5,00 can already ensure great results. Examples of advertisement purposes are:

A small effort can have big results if the social media are used correctly. Find more information on Social Media Marketing.

Content Creation

Having great and original content is essential for a successful social media strategy. Chent Creative not only manages your social media channels, we also provide you with original marketing content. This could be writings blogs, promotions or photos showing you delicious food.

You choose the dishes that you would like us to photograph. Chent Creative supplies the equipment needed and makes sure that your dishes appear as delicious as they taste!


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