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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation simplifies the life of the marketing and sales departments of every organization. Software created for this purpose follows the prospect in its entire customer journey. This not only provides unique and valuable insights into potential customers, the software also offers possibilities to automate the entire marketing process.

In technical terms, Marketing Automation refers to using various automated systems to bind leads/prospects to us and “helping” them through the customer journey.

There are various systems on the market that help marketers automate marketing processes. We at Chent Creative use a combination of ActiveCampaign and Hubspot. We combine the best aspects of both systems in order to offer the best automation for ourselves and for our customers.

Marketing Automation in practice

The most common technique for collecting data is offering free content. This is often done by offering free white papers, courses, manuals and the like. The website’s visitors can receive their free content in their mailbox, the only they have to do in in return is leaving their email address.

De meest gebruikte techniek voor het verzamelen van gegevens is het aanbieden van gratis content. Vaak gebeurt dit door gratis white papers, cursussen, handleiding en dergelijke aan te bieden. Bezoekers van de website kunnen deze dan in hun mailbox ontvangen, ze hoeven alleen even hun emailadres achter te laten.

When a contact form is filled in, it triggers the process of Marketing Automation. The interested person not only receives the whitepaper, the following marketing steps have also been put into effect.

This phase in the automation process is very detailed and specific. A choice for follow up action could be the following:

The potential customer has downloaded the whitepaper. If this person visits the website within the next 3 days, a follow-up email will be activated. This email coudl for example contain reviews from other satisfied customers to convince the potential customer become a customer.

Another option is sending a follow-up mail a few days after downloading the whitepaper. This way, the reader can be approached and asked whether or not the whitepaper has been received well and her/his thoughts on it were. In addition, various relevant promotions and offers can be shown.

The options are endless.

Chent Creative

The benefits of Marketing Automation

This sounds great, of course, but why should every company start using Marketing Automation?

  1. It increases the ROI of campaigns: everything is measurable. When a campaign does not work properly, this can be adjusted in time. Furthermore, results are often predictable resulting in less budget spent on non-working campaigns.
  2. Customer relationships are improved: a relationship with the potential customer can be made at an early point in the customer journey.
  3. Marketing and sales departments are better aligned: the sales department receives more qualitative leads.
  4. The process provides many insights into the behavior of potential customers: the behavior of (potential) customers is measurable throughout the entire customer journey. This gives unique insights into this behavior.
  5. Investing in Marketing Automation is often an one-time investment: once an automation process is activated, the automation software does the rest!

Marketing Automation for your company

Would you like to know how Chent Creative could automatise the marketing processes of your organisation? Feel free to contact us! Find our contact details here.

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